Ken's Farm Market
        911 New Castle Rd.   Slippery Rock, Pa.
Sheds in Butler Pa. New Castle, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Grove City, Pa. Oil City Pa. Pittsburgh Pa. Franklin Pa. Mercer Pa. Portersville Pa. Beaver Falls Pa.

Information Request

    Hi I'm Ken Seivers, Welcome to Ken's Farm Market.                                   Here at Ken's, we concentrate on Fresh", not "Fancy",
 and "Quality", not "Quantity".
We're not like those "Big-Box-Stores",(don't wanna be).
     We just provide "Big-Service", on "Quality Products.
If you have any questions, call me, that's my cellphone #, not some machine, and I'll be happy to help you.
Economy Storage Sheds
sg-21991 Madison Mini
Regular 2,286
On sale for  $2,059​​
SAVE  $227
$96/ Month +tax​​
8x8 Mini Barn  MH23433
8x8 Mini Barn  22146
8x10 Mini Barn  MH21975
6x8  Mini Barn   MH22147
8x10 Mini Barn  MH22144
8x10 Mini Barn  MH22142
8x10 Mini Barn  MH22138
8x10 Mini Barn  MH22143
10x10 Mini Barn  MH22150
10x10 Mini Barn  MH22148
10x14 Mini Barn  MH21558
10x12  Madison Dutch  MH22065
10x12 Madison Peak  MH23446
10x12  Mini Barn  MH23462
10x10 Madison Dutch Barn  MH223091
10x10 Mini Barn  MH21376
8x10 Madison Peak  MH21383
8x10 Mini Barn  MH22140
8x10 Madison Dutch  MH22132
8x10 Madison Peak  MH23419
8x10 Madison Peak  MH23430
10x14 Madison Mini  MH23465
8x10 Madison Peak  MH23440
10x14 Madison Peak  MH21388
MH  21633